September 17, 2004

Ernst Zundel - White Supremacist

CSIS intercepted Zundel's mail, ex-agent says "Extremism" - from Warren Kinsella's blog I thought this whole case was over. So much for that belief. At this point in time, Zundel's lawyers are trying to show that CSIS' evidence against Zundel was collected illegally and that his status as a 'threat to national security' is a forgery by the intelligence agency. However, I think it to be quite obvious that he is a threat. He produces hate publications and networks white supremacist groups. He is a threat. If not to national security, then to minority safety. And that is just as important, especially in a country that is largely made up of minority groups. My opinion is that Zundel has no right being a citizen of Canada. If he cannot respect the make-up and the laws of Canada then why bother wanting to live here? Well, because he is not allowed in the U.S. (he was deported recently) or Germany (his native country). Zundel is a known threat and whether or not CSIS illegally monitored his mail or not is the least of our concerns. Zundel's being a proponent of hate and being connected to neo-Nazi groups is documented all too well to be ignored and that should be the only concern.

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