September 02, 2004

Comments on Republicans

I figure since I am a political science graduate (though doesn't mean much) that I should begin with a political post. And since the RNC is going on right now, and that I flip-flop between contemporary liberal and social thought, I thought the Republicans would be a good place to start. Let the whining begin! What I don't understand about the RNC is the collection of 'moderates' they have speaking at the forum. Noteables such as McCain and Schwarzenegger have spoken out in favour of Bush. The former has been critical of Bush in the past and the former doesn't support the far right agenda of the Republican party. I realize that after four years of extreme conservatism that the party needs to come across more like the democrats and actually seem like they care about the American public but does this not mean they are "calling the kettle black". They criticize Kerry for 'flip-flopping' but isn't this essentially that the Republicans are doing themselves? On one hand they talk and present a moderate conservative game but support hard-line conservative policies. Maybe this isn't them flip-flopping, maybe it's just them blatantly lying to the public. Let's be honest here, how much does the Republican party really care about the American public? Their environmental policy is 'let's not have one', they have no real health-care or pharma-care programs - unless you count bending over for insurance and drug companies as a policy - and no matter how much they say they support their troops and are not occupiers in Iraq, they are wrong on both accounts. When you extend soldiers tours on a regular basis and rip apart their health and pension plans, I don't think you're truly supporting your troops. And despite Cheney arguing that they are liberators and not occupiers, the truth is that you cannot call yourself a liberator when the people you are supposedly liberating consider you an occupier. I beleive they are in a better position to decide what you are to them then you are. If we could make such alls about ourselves then the majority of conflicts around the world would have the same type of justifications. I don't understand why anyone would want to support a party that has made its connections to big corporate money and its self-interests so apparent, and its lying so blatant. They lied to the public about WMD and Iraq's ties to Al-Quaeda, they pillaged the public coffers for corporate friends, they cut off the foundation of support for the needy - which has grown considerably since the Republicans have taken power due to lack of jobs and social programs - and they have allowed right-wing religious fundamentalists to tell people how to live their lives. But hey, if that's your thing and your ideal government/society than I say all the power to you. However I have a lot of trouble understanding how anyone would want to support a government that is anything but for the people that 'elected' it, especially when it had to follow up an act (Clinton) that proved it could work for the people and not just its corporate backers and itself.


Anonymous said...

This blog is a "rant"


Kyle said...

That's right!!

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